How do I set up an account in the name of a trust at Upstart?

Please note, this ability has been suspended until further notice.

  1. Go to and click “Invest” then “Start Investing.”
  2. Certify that you are an accredited investor.
  3. Enter trustee’s name in the investor information. Select “Investment” investment type in the process flow.
  4. Certify that you agree to the legal agreements and certify that you meet the criteria for the W-9 certification.
  5. Send the following information to and label the subject, “Requested documents for investor trust sign-up”:

    1. Evidence of the trust formation (e.g. trust certificate, signed trust agreement)
    2. W-9
    3. For each trustee, please provide:

      • Full name of trustee
      • Address
      • Tax ID or social security number
      • Date of formation (or date of birth)

        If trustee is an individual, please provide government issued ID (passport, driver's license or other ID). If trustee is an entity, please provide a certificate of formation (or similar document depending on entity type).

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