How to withdraw

In order to withdraw funds, you can log into your investor dashboard and navigate to the "Account" button on your investor homepage, then select "Transfers," and then select "Withdraw Funds." Only available funds in the account balance can be withdrawn.

If a personal bank account has not yet been linked, you can link an account by selecting “Transfers,” under the “Account” tab. There are a few methods to choose from, "instant," and "voided check" being the fastest. Once a method is chosen, your bank account will be introduced to our system, and once verified, will populate upon the next attempt to withdraw.

If you would like to withdraw recently deposited funds, they will be available for withdraw after the clearing period associated with the deposit transaction type. We do not use the clearing period (or float time) to leverage capital. Uninvested funds must be withdrawn to the source they were deposited from. 

Withdraws are subject to normal execution times for such transfers (generally up to 7 business days). 

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